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7.8 مليون دينار صافى أرباح ألافكو للربع الأول من السنة المالية 2018

جدول الأعمال المقترح للجمعية العامة العادية

ALAFCO announces net profit of US$ 108 million for FY2017

ALAFCO successfully closes syndicated Murabaha facility

ALAFCO announces net profit of KD 10.8 million (US$ 35.4 million) for the first half of fiscal year 2017

  • Operating Lease

    We as lessors acquire certain aircraft at our own risk and transfer the product to the lessee as the lease object, for the purpose of temporary possession.

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  • Sale and Lease back

    Sale and leaseback is a financial transaction in which the seller (airline) of the lease aircraft sells the product to the lessor (ALAFCO).

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  • Aircraft Lease Management

    Air transportation is a fast growing and a very competitive industry. It is also highly capital intense and sensitive to business cycle,

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